Laser Ducklips

This is my laser pigeon. He can shoot lasers out of his eyeballs. That’s only one of the things I like about him. He’s also a master at playing the slide-whistle!



These are my computer pets named Doop-e. They’re called computer pets because they live on my desktop.

p.s. I would have a lot more work on my blog except that the doop-e’s keep on eating my artwork because I save things on my desktop.



This is my red dragon.



Star Penguin

I made up an origami penguin. That’s right, I made up origami. And this one stars in his own movie. You’ve heard of Star Wars? Well this is Star Penguins!



Food Sticks

I like sticks and I like food so I made these on Photoshop. Wait, do straws count as sticks or a food?



Ducklip Bath

My ducklips needed a bath and I though it was so cute that I wanted to put it on my blog. So here it is:



Precious Poodle

This is my poodle. I think he is sooo precious.