Art By Me

Cell Phone Guy

This is the cover of my notebook for art class. I scratched off the white paint to make this.


I drew this on a post it.




Bus of Cool




This is a rocket with the planets surrounding it. It is a really good drawing because it is really 3-dimensional.




7 thoughts on “Art By Me

  1. Ethan:

    Really great stuff….especially the picture of your Momma………

    Hope all is well!

    xoxoxoxoxoxox Mimi-Chuck

  2. Yeah, baby, I want to take a long ride on “the Bus of Cool”…..may as well be called the “Bus of Uncle Timmy”, because that means the same thing.

  3. Ethan:

    All of your drawings in Art by Me are really wonderful……especially the one of Timmy’s big sister!

    xoxoxoxox Mimi-Chuck

  4. Yo Ethan, my buddy: everytime I try to use your phone I get a wrong #. That is a great of your Mom, my niece, Mon Cherie, Jacqueeeeeeeeeeee! Keep flying high in that spaceship, like your art, toooooooo cooooooool!

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