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Hi! My name is Ethan. I started this blog when I was 9 years old but now I am 11. I love to draw, eat Japanese candy and I also love Uglydolls. I like to do oragami and make stuffed animals which I will show you on this blog. My favorite tv show is Adventure Time with Finn and Jake. My favorite animals are fish and pigeons. I collect a lot of little action figures. I have a really cool room, and I’m not just saying that! My favorite things to draw are little creatures which don’t exist in real life or have been made up by anybody but me. I think robots are extremely cool and my favorite video game is New Super Mario Bros Wii. Soooo that’s all about me. Please leave comments on my blog but nothing mean please! PS I totally LOVE animals – except for some bugs.

ethan in costume


27 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Remember when we sailed our boats and my big boat kiled your small boats. It was fun and you know im starting a blog to just like you.well by and see you at schoool.

  2. Hiiii Ethan! This is a really cool site! 🙂 What a great idea, too! Please keep me posted on what else you’ve been up to here or elsewhere.
    Ocassionally, you may also let me know about what your mom and dad are up to. Give them a big hug for me, please.

    Jana 🙂

  3. Wow Ethan…what an entertaining blog!
    I love your art work the best…especially the little card pillows you sewed… I hope to see you soon!!

    Hugs and kisses
    Cousin Kristin

  4. What a wonderful blog Ethan!! I like cars also.

    Thank you so much for showing us New York City, Jackie and Lauren had a great time with the pillow fights!!



  5. This is good stuff!! I agree with Kristin, the Ace pillows are very cool. Now when I ask you what is new with you, you can just say “Go to my blog sited….its all in there”

  6. Hey, Ethan! I am so totally impressed! How in the world did you learn how to do this? I think I am going to make one after I retire.

    Did you know that I watch baby twins every Friday? They are now 3 and a half months old. They are having a baby naming ceremony on Sunday. They are called Gianna and Jaden.

    I had a long phone call from Nathaniel last night. He is going to Harrisburg for thanksgiving. He will see Uncle Timmy and your grandfather. It should be fun. I love you, Ethan. And congratulations again. Love, Aunt Cissy

  7. Ethan:

    I really enjoyed your comic!

    The blog is a great way to keep up to date with what you are doing!

    Much love,


  8. Hi Ethan,

    I didn’t know you were a good break dancer!! I can’t wait to see you do some breaking for me next time I visit. The website looks great and I love the comics. I can’t wait to see more artwork.

    See you soon.


  9. Hey Ethan,

    I just got a chance to see your update on the web. It is fantaski!!!!!!!

    I love all the art work and also love the candy store. You are doing a great job at informing all of us of your great work.

    Hey your gonna have to hang out at my house again when you come to the Burg (my nickname for Harrisburg)


    Great Aunt Mimi

  10. Hi, Ethan. I’ve heard so many people talking about your blog that I just HAD to see it. Yep, it lived up to everything I’ve heard. I loved the lady with the big hair driving the car and the guy who got shot out of a cannon landing in her hair. I also enjoy the comments from Mimi Chuck.
    You have a pretty big audience–a lot of people are enjoying the world as Ethan sees it. Keep having fun!
    Hugs and kisses.

  11. Break Dancing! I wish I could see that. I love to dance but can’t break dance. And I love to sing but nobody will listen to me.

    Auntie Mary

  12. Hi Ethan! I used to work with your Dad – he sent me the link to your blog! I have to say, this is the BEST BLOG EVER! I love it. You are very talented. Keep putting up your work and sharing it with everyone. I’m going to look at your blog every day.

    Say hi to your mom & dad for me!

  13. Hi Ethan! You may not remember me but I met you in Disney for cousin Tim’s bday. Just wanted to say cool site!

  14. Hey Dude, I had an some excitement since we last talked. I fell down the stairs and broke six ribs, a bone in back, and got a concussion. That was about six weeks ago. They thought I had a stroke, but it was only a little problem with low blood pressure and I happened to be on the stairs when I got a little dizzy and down I went. Didn’t know who I was for a couple of days but, I’m back to 100% now…the prolem is, is that my 100% is probably like your 10%. But, I think I could still beat you in a game of golf or baggo’s. Do you play baggo’s in New York? Great game. I hate to brag, but I’m the best in the family…so far. I haven’t played your grandpa (your mom’s dad) yet. Can’t wait to beat him. Take care of yourself. Keep up the great blog. I forget to check it out sometime but when I do I’m always blown away. You’re the champion blogger.

  15. Hey Ethan,
    I haven’t been on your Blog for quite some time. I am blown away by your skills and commentary. I hope school is going well and that you will go to Pratt just like some people I know. How is your Mom & Dad doing…. and also Curious, Carl, & Bubblegum?
    Love, UP

  16. Ethan, you don’t know me but I stumbled upon your blog and your drawings are sweeeeet! I hope you make your t shirts available for purchase soon, I need a new outfit!


  17. Hi Ethan,
    I had a great time visiting with you and I love all your work. You have to post some new drawings in 2011. I can’t wait to see more.

  18. Ethan u gotta come back to Indiana, your work is awesome! Garrett, you, me and Mary can discuss this at ZionsAqua while getting wet. Tooo coooooool.

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