Starting the blog up again…

Here is some stuff I think I think I’m going to add in the future.  I want to add some art stuff, things I collect or do, some stuff about comic con and video games.


Mushroom Crossing

Sorry I haven’t posted anything in a while but to make up for it I am going to start posting again. This is a little sign I made that says Mushroom in Japanese.


You’ve heard of Facebook. This is Handbook, yes Handbook. It’s about everything Hand related. We got hambone-ing and accessories like rings and gloves. So join Handbook today!

Plaster Chicken

So if you read some of my last comments you’ll know about the chicken which needed to be plastered and painted. I’ll be sure to post pictures of it when it’s finished but for now here’s a picture of it plastered.

p.s. If you’re wondering why the background is photoshopped and is all red right now, that is because the background in the picture I took of him was all white. I added the red so you could see it better.